The Actors

Bao Guoan as Lin Zexu: A national actor, Bao has played roles in stage plays such as MACBETH and TIMES OF HEAVENLY KINGDOM and films MY HOMETOWN IS BELOW THE MOUNTAIN. He won Best Actor for the TV Play Awards for FLYING GODDESS, GOLDEN EAGLE and GOLDEN DRAGON.

Lin Liankun as Qi Shan: Lin is vice director of the Beijing People's Art Theatre. He has acted in highly acclaimed films, such as TEA HOUSE and AMOUR and has won a number of awards for his performances.

Su Min as Daoguang: Su is an actor and director of the Beijing People's Art Theatre. LI BAI, a stage play he directed, was honored the Wenhua Prize by the State Ministry of Culture.

Lang Xiong as He Jingrong: A famous Taiwanese actor, Lang won the Gold Horse Prize for Best Supporting Role for his performance in the films WOLF FANG MOUNTAIN and WEDDING BANQUET and Best Actor of the Gold Horse award for his performance in the film HANDS PUSHING.

Bob Peck as Denton: A well-known British actor, Peck has been with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. He played roles in MACBETH, OTHELLO, THE TEMPEST and films JURASSIC PARK and SURVIVING PICASSO. His performance in the TV series EDGE OF DARKNESS won him the Bafta Award for Best Actor and the British Press Guild Award for Best Actor.

Simon Williams as Charles Elliot: Williams is the director of London's West End Theatre. He has performed in the plays THE COLLECTOR, GIGI, and TV plays UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS and films THE PRISONER OF ZENDS and THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CHAIR.

Shao Xin as He Shanzhi

Li Shilong as Han Zhaoqing

Ge Xiangting as Yi Shan

Gao Yuan as Rong'er

Jiang Hua as Guan Tianpei

Li Weixin as Deng Tingzhen

Carrick Hagon as Missionary Sidon Laughton

Philip Jackson as Captain White

Rob Freeman as Hill

Emma Griffiths-Alin as Mary


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