About the Cast

NICOLE EGGERT (as Marcia)- Acting since the age of 5, Nicole has created a body of work spanning 19 years in both film & television. As a 3-season regular on the world’s most successfully syndicated television show, Baywatch, she has gained global fame, but her illustrious TV career includes I Dream of Jeannie, Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker, Who’s the Boss and the extraordinarily popular Charles in Charge. In film, Nicole had starring roles in Rich and Famous (with Candace Bergen and Jacqueline Bisset), Omega Syndrome (with Ken Wahl), Clan of the Cave Bear (with Darryl Hannah) and a featured role alongside Charles Bronson in Kinjite. More recently, Nicole completed Amanda and the Alien- A science fiction comedy, Melissa- a psycho-thriller and The Demolitionist- a special effects driven action-adventure.

ROBERT ZAMEROSKI (as Sam)- Robert’s stage career includes starring roles alongside Ronny Cox, Dick O’Neil, Gretchen Corbett and Barry Gordon in John Olive’s The Voice of the Prairie. He also won awards for the plays Sniper and Edward Albee’s Zoo Story. In feature films, Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio in This Boy’s Life, directed by Michael Caton- Jones and Runaway Daughters, directed by Joe Dante. He also had leads in Cry in the Wild and They’ve Taken our Children (with Carl Malden, Julie Harris and David Morse).

CHRIS WOLF (as Doc)- Beginning his career as a teen pop idol on the hit NBC show, The Guys Next Door, he parlayed his success to star opposite James Woods in Cop (who encouraged Chris to pursue acting).

LISA SPOONAUER (as Star)- After three long years in L.A., Lisa landed her first break in Kevin Smith’s cult classic, Clerks.

MICHAEL BRYAN FRENCH (as Stewart Colson)- Michael worked extensively both off-Broadway and in some of America’s best regional theaters. His TV credits include Roseanne, Cybill, Quantum Leap and X-Files. Michael’s most recent films are Glimmer Man, Dill Scallion, Best Revenge, How to Get Laid at the end of the World and Renaissance Man.

NIGIL GIBBS (as Pipes)- A versatile actor with roles covering stage, TV and feature films, Nigil was in City of Angels, Up Close and Personal, Devil in a Blue Dress and Naked Gun 33 1/3. His TV career includes Melrose Place, Models, nc., Bold and the Beautiful and Seinfeld.


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