Short Synopsis

A small child witnesses the brutal murder of his mob-connected parents at the hands of rival mafioso, Gino Carlucci (JAMES RUSSO) in their home on Christmas Eve.

Twenty years later, the child, Evan Marino (C. THOMAS HOWELL), has grown up to become the top student at the University of Miami Law School. Evan, to whom justice has become practically a religion, has but one goal: to become the number one criminal lawyer in Miami. Although his father was a noted member of the Mafia, Evan is determined not to follow in his footsteps and instead to follow the letter of the law. His best friend and fellow student Cal (BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN) has a different goal: to enjoy all of the carnal delights Miami has to offer- Especially the women. He urges the naÔve and straight-laced Evan to do the same, but despite the temptations, Evan is resolved not to let anything stand in the way of his goals... or so he thinks.

Enter Elise Talbot (AMBER SMITH), a beautiful and mysterious new student with an agenda of her own... to seduce Evan and elevate herself to a position of wealth and power. Unbeknownst to Evan, she has been hired by Gino Carlucci to find out what, if anything, Evan remembers about the night his parents were murdered. Elise, using her feminine wiles, leads Evan into an erotic web of passion and sex, the likes of which he could never have imagined. He falls for her in a big way and his studies falter as his insatiable drive turns from the classroom into the bedroom. As he is on the verge of getting expelled, Elise drops him, having found out all she needs to know about his past. Once again, Evanís life is shattered.

Flash forward five years: Evan is now an established criminal attorney in Miami, noted for winning his highly public and often mob-related cases. Enter Elise once again ... still young, still beautiful... and accused of murdering her husband- Gino Carlucci- whom she has since married and was in the process of divorcing. Elise desperately tries to enlist Evan as her defense attorney and eventually he takes her case on ... against his better judgment.

Chasing down clues to the murder, Evan shares information with his friend, Lieutenant Mather (NICK MANCUSO) of the Miami Police, who is convinced Elise is guilty as sin. Through another source, a sleazy private detective, Kelsey (ROBERT MIANO), Evan finds out that Gino Carlucci was a bastard that any number of people might have wanted dead... including the mob. Add to this the sudden reappearance of Cal, who had a torrid affair with Elise after she and Evan split up and who has now become an obsessed alcoholic bent on destroying her.

As Evan gets more and more involved in Eliseís defense, the old flame between them re-ignites and Evan finds himself enticed once more and caught in a tangled web of deceit and twisted motivations not the least of which are his own. It all moves full circle to a shocking conclusion that echoes from Evanís past and involves all of the suspects... Elise, Cal, the Mafia... and Evan himself.

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