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June 4, 1998

"do you have $20.00?  I need it.  It's not for me, it's for "your" child"

I need it. It's not for me, it's for "your" child !!!!

This past Norooz, in the mist of a concert in UCLA, I found out about an
organization by the name of "Child Foundation". I decided to check them out.
The flyer explained who they are and what they do (see Basically, they want people like us help a needy
child, in Iran.

I figured if I am fortunate enough to be healthy, near my loved ones, and
make a decent living, I should share a little. I sent in a check for $20 and
awaited their response. About a month later, I got a letter from Child
Foundation. In it they introduced me to my newly adopted son, Seyyed Behzad.

I won't try to explain the feeling, you must experience it for yourself. I
will tell you about him though. His name is Seyyed Behzad. He is 12 years
old, very smart, and a good student. His GPA has been over 19.5 last few
years (now how many alborzi's can relate to that). He has 1 brother and 2
sisters. His mother is  a hard worker and his father is disabled (bad legs).
His picture sits in my living room with the rest of my family. THIS FEELS
GOOD. In fact so good, that my wife now wants a little girl. We have asked
for one already.

Well, what about it? Are you in the mood to feel GOOD? Can you afford half
the price of a concert ticket? Or one tenth or twentieth or ... of your car
payment to help the life of some "Bacheh Irooni" you don't know? If you have
any questions, please call 503-698-4084 or email

So, do you have $20.00? I need it. It's not for me, it's for "your" child

Have a great weekend.
P.S. Do tell them "Bacheh Alborzi-hah" sent you.