True Stories About Needy Children

Picture of Family

The father dies at the age of thirty and leaves behind three young children. The 25 years old mother abandons them to remarry. No one know where she is. Only vivid memories visit the minds of the three orphans. They find refuge from neglect, hunger, and cold in one single cardboard room in the suburbs of the city where two elder grandparents live. There they find love, and warm arms, and maybe a sense of belonging. But they are there also to share poverty and the daily struggle to survive, to exist, and to defy the odds.

The grandfather—partially handicapped—goes to the nearby factory to collect bent nails, bring them home, straighten them up then resell them for a few cents per pound. With those pennies he brings bread to the family of five. Just bread! This is no story you can read to your kid before he or she goes to bed, because that is the ending! The ending might give them nightmares, not sweet dreams. This is a real story of real people. Real children in real life.

But you can make a difference. Maybe it is too late for the grandparents, but it should not be this way for Omar, Hassan, and Amira. You can help them. Then maybe you can read this story to your children. With your support, you will not just change the life of these orphans, but also you will teach your child how to be human and how to be a Muslim in the most compassionate way.

Picture of Tahareh

Tahereh and her parents, sister and two brothers live in a small home in the suburb of Tehran. Their home is old and needs major structural repairs. Her father, Eisa, used to be a hard working laborer. Sadly, he gradually lost his eyesight and he is now totally blind. Neither her father or her mother, Sayyareh, is able to find employment. The approximate monthly income for the family is $15 U.S.

Tahereh is 9 years old. Her school teacher believes that she is an intelligent little girl. Her GPA during last school year was 19.23 out of a possible 20. She needs financial assistance to continue her education, and for food and clothing. Additional money would also provide the means for structural repairs to the house in which she lives, and to provide work training for her mother.

Tahereh is a sweet little girl with a lot of God-given potentials that need to be nourished through providing her with a relatively comfortable and problem free life.

Picture of Ai

Ai Siti Juariah is a 13 year old girl who lives in Indonesia. Her father is deceased, and her 58 year old mother Popon is a vegetable seller. She lives in a small 3 room tiled house with 5 sisters and 4 brothers. She is a very bright girl and is doing excellent in school; currently she attends the 6th grade. She is also a good swimmer!

Her family's income is only $75 a month and with that, her mother must care for 10 children. Ai needs to receive some financial assistance for her education, food, and clothing, and finally, some occasional assistance to her mother so that she could continue taking care of Ai and the rest of the family.

For only $20 per month, you will sponsor one of these children or any of many others on our list who await caring people like you. Your $20 tax deductible gift will go directly to provide solid education, health care, and other basic needs for your sponsored child. You will receive periodic updates and reports about the progress made.

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