Child Foundation Sponsorship Guide

How are my contributions helping a needy child?

As a sponsor, you give your sponsored child the chance of a lifetime. Your sponsorship not only helps provide your sponsored child with a better life today, but also the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Your presence in this young life through your regular monthly sponsorship of $20, will help provide your sponsored child with:

How can my $20 a month provide so much for my sponsored child?

Your contributions go into programs that are tailored to your sponsored child's and family's needs. We look for ways to keep costs down without sacrificing the care your child receives. In many cases, your $20 a month will provide your child with most basic benefits.

In cases that your child's essential needs are more costly, your monthly gifts are combined with those of several other caring sponsors to help provide your sponsored child with these urgent benefits. That is how sponsors can make a dramatic impact on a needy child's life at a cost that's truly affordable.

Can I choose the child I sponsor?

Although every needy child deserves a helping hand, we realize that you may wish to give your love and support to a child of your own choice. So we work very closely with you so that your sponsored child is as close to your choice as possible. You may choose the gender, approximate age and the geographical region where your sponsored child is from.

How do I get to know the child I sponsor?

Your relationship with the child you are helping will be very close and personal. As a sponsor you receive:

May I visit my sponsored child?

You are always welcome to visit your sponsored child. We have found that personal visits enhance the relationship between sponsors and the children. The love and encouragement you give can have a wonderful impact on that young life.

Since some of the children live in hard to reach areas, let us know in advance and we will gladly facilitate your visit.

How long will my sponsored child need my help?

A child will be in our program until his life has improved to specific measurable standard. Many will stay under our care from early childhood into teenage years. For the sake of the child, we encourage at least a year of commitment, but just how long you remain a Child Foundation sponsor is completely up to you.

Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes, gifts to Child Foundation are deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Simply, keep the bottom portion of your regular monthly payment or canceled check for your record.

What portion of my money is actually spent on programs?

Normally, we reserve a small portion of payments for management and fundraising activities. But, if you choose, no portion of your sponsorship payments will be spent for overhead expenses.

We have learned by experience that unsupervised direct handouts to the child or the child's family are the least effective way of helping children. Instead, at Child Foundation, through a strong system of management, we carefully plan how your money should be spent under the supervision of trained counselors on programs that benefits your sponsored child the most. About 10 % of your payments may be used for management and administrative expenses.

Since sponsors are totally free to end their sponsorships whenever they want, we need to continuously look for new sponsors, so children can receive program benefits without any disruption. Therefore, about 10 % of your payments may also be reserved for recruiting new sponsors.

Expenditure of a small portion of the sponsorship contributions on management and fundraising activities are essential to the well being of on going programs. Nevertheless, if you decide against use of any part of your payments for these activities, simply tell us and we will not use them for this purpose. Your sponsored child, however, will continue to receive necessary funds through our Children's Emergency Fund.

How can I become a sponsor?

Simply fill out the Sponsorship Application and send your first $20 (U.S.) payment to Child Foundation at P.O. Box 1364, Clackamas, OR 97015, U.S.A. If you have any further questions, please email us at or call 503-698-4084 or 503-794-9852, or fax 503-698-1573.

As soon as we receive payment from you, we will send you a complete Sponsorship Kit. Then you will be on your way to the start of a special relationship with a precious child who desperately needs your help. As a caring sponsor, it will be one of the most rewarding relationships of your life!

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