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A charitable organization which helps children around the world.

You can help a child for only $20 a month!

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Most of us think of childhood as a happy time of laughter and play. But millions of children around the world rarely laugh or play because they must wage a daily struggle for survival. Their enemies: war, hunger, disease, and ignorance.

You can make a world of difference in the life of these precious little children by participating in Child Foundation's sponsorship program.

Child Foundation believes in help, not handouts. So your contribution goes toward projects and services that guarantee a happy and productive life for your sponsored child.

Your money will provide medical care, nourishment, clothing, vital family assistance, a solid education and so much more for a very special little child.

It's easy to change the life of a needy child. Just complete the Sponsorship Application and we can bill you monthly for each $20 payment. We'll rush your sponsored child's photo and personal history to you, so you can immediately begin your special new relationship with a child who desperately needs your support.

Will you help? One special boy or girl eagerly awaits your answer...

If you have any questions, please email Child Foundation at or call (503) 698-4084 or (503) 794-9852.
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