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Coral Reef Aquarium would like to announce a special event on Saturday April 20th, 2002. Brad Shaw from AquaMedic will be in the store from 10 am to 6 pm to answer questions on all AquaMedic products, such as lighting, protein skimmers, water pumps, plankton reactors, etc. To coincide with this event, there will be discounts offered to Boston Reefers Society members. After closing, the Boston Reefers will be holding a meeting on the premises. From 6 to 7 pm there will be a Q&A session with Brad, as well as any other topics that might come up. From 7-8 there will be a frag swap between club members.

Club Member Discounts:
15% off livestock and general dry goods. Excludes skimmers, lighting systems, RO units and other select low margin items. Example: 175w German (AB) bulbs are $69.99. There will also be livestock specials that will be announced the day of the event. The above discounts apply to donating members of the Boston Reefers Society only. New members will be able to sign up in the store prior to the meeting, and will then qualify for the discounts. Hope to see you there!

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