Attention: Get Ready

Carpet and Vinyl installation from Carpet Design

Please be advised that management will inform you of the installation date of each unit.

The following is al list of items, which need to be done in order for us to install carpeting and vinyl in  your apartment units.

We will move all furniture that takes two (2) men to move.

The customers are responsible for removing everything else from the rooms to be installed.

  • All items from the top of dressers, tables and all items from closet floors must be removed.

  • All breakables, antiques, small items, and all items from cabinets must be removed.

  • Remove everything from desks.

  • Touch up and/or replacement of broken, or dry rotted pieces of baseboards will be up to the customer.

Care must be taken to prevent heavy or pointed objects, or spiked heels, from indenting vinyl flooring.

Please take the proper precautions, Proper furniture glides and protectors area must.

 We DO NOT DO the following items:

Remove asbestos flooring

We do not cut doors

 Drain - fish tanks and waterbeds  Move Grandfather Clocks
Furniture which requires disassembling Remove sheets and blankets
Dismantle bookcases, or entertainment centers  Move Pool Tables
Remove, replace or paint molding Run cables or wires under
Disconnect stereo, cable-TV, computers, VCR’s or other electrical equipment

If you have any questions regarding this notice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

Carpet Design Management